Privacy Policy


ConciergeU (hereinafter referred to as “we”) shall recognize importance of protection of all
the personal information we deal with on business and pay careful attention to collection
and handling of such information based on the privacy policy we set forth.。

1.Definition of personal information

Personal information shall be the one by which a living user can be identified such as its name, birthday, age, sex, mail address, telephone number, address (including one that can be checked with other information easily and, therefore, identify a person).

2.Use of personal information

We shall use acquired personal information for the following purposes.
Provision of information related to this service
Personal identification of a user
Notification of matters necessary to operate this service (including through email)
Making and use of statistical information within the scope that an individual cannot be identified)
Analysis of data necessary to newly develop this service
Use of a right or conduct of obligation based on a contract and a law
Response to inquiries on after-purchase service and others

3.Limitation by use purpose

We shall use and disclose a user’s personal information to a third party only in the following cases.
When a user has already agreed
When we outsource provision of this service to a third party and have it undertake such work to conduct services as a user wishes
When we calculate and analyze a user’s attribute and process the data so that an individual cannot be identified and specified, and use and process it to carry out tasks such as development of a new service
When we provide the statistical materials in this service to a business partner and the like When it is necessary to disclose this service and personal information for the profit of a third party and other parties whom the information is disclosed within the range not to infringe on a user’s interest
When it is necessary to disclose personal information based on laws and regulations
Or other cases when it is used for purposes permitted by Personal Information Protection Law

4.Acquisition of personal information

We shall acquire personal information by legal and fair means. We shall not acquire personal information by illicit means which are against a user’s will. In case we acquire personal information indirectly, we shall make sure if the personal information has been handed over properly from the provider him/herself.

5.Proper protection of personal information

We shall take proper measures so that a user’s personal information is accurate and updated. We shall also manage a user’s personal information appropriately and carefully.

6.Supervision of an outsourcing contractor

We may outsource handling of acquired personal information. In that case, we shall enter into a necessary agreement related to handling of personal information and supervise an outsourcing contractor in a necessary and appropriate manner.

7.Positioning of a supervisor of personal information

We shall put someone in the position of a supervisor of personal information and conduct proper management of personal information internally.

8.Disclosure of personal information

When a user him/herself asks us to disclose his/her personal information, we shall deal with it without delay. However, we may not disclose a part or a whole such information in the following cases.
When the disclosure is likely to infringe on a user or a third party’s rights and interests such as their life, body and property
When the disclosure is likely to seriously pose an obstacle to proper conduct of our business When the disclosure is likely to go against other laws

9.Procedure for correction and suspension of use on personal information

When we are asked to correct, add, eliminate, suspend or termination of use of, a user’s personal information by a user him/herself, we shall deal with it upon identifying him or her within a reasonable period of time.


We shall never take any responsibilities for acquiring personal information in the following cases.
When a user him/herself discloses personal information to a third party using this service or by other means
When a user happens to be identified by information a user input on our service

11.Use of Cookie and the like

When a user uses a service of ours or our partners and the like and see those webpages, we automatically receive a user’s IP address and Cookie information and others such as information of ads and pages that a user visited and a user’s using environment from a user’s browser and record it at the server. We may use information on a user’s sex, occupation, age, pages and ads that a user visited, time range spent by a user, use methods, a user’s usage environment in order to consider a new service and make the contents of the service and ads that we provide more appropriate to all users. We may also analyze information on users and select them as a target of questionnaire for analysis in order to analyze what kind of ads, information and services should be posted or provided from an advertiser, an information provider and a service provider. However, information which can identify an individual shall not be included in the analyzed result.

12.Revision of the privacy policy

We may revise the whole or a part of the privacy policy. When there is an important change, we shall notify it on our website.


Please contact us by email as for inquiries about personal information.

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