Introduction examples of “conciergeU”


Nippon Broadcasting System

We realized communication service with the radio programs’ fans by LINE×Chatbot

Nippon Broadcasting System logo

Basically, traditional radio programs have been delivered one-way, and less and less younger generations send postcards and post a message recently.
Such radio programs are incompatible with phones and emails and hardly collect listeners’ opinions. However, they can communicate with them real time by using a Chatbot, which led to long-term stability of fans and strengthening of its engagement.

Mitsui Fudosan

We used LINE X Chatbot to deal with inquiries as one of services for member customers and conduct location searching using location information.

Mitsui Fudosan logo

We operate a sharing office called “work styling” under the theme of “one more office for working people”.
A user can utilize LINE× chatbot which is a convenient service for members such as searching a work styling location near where a user is through the location information and booking of a meeting place from the Chatbot.
We are also planning to have a system to deliver the best information according to the type of a member.

Odakyu Hakone Holdings

We installed a Chatbot which enabled a user to search route to where a user wants to go at a website of “Hakone Navi”.

Odakyu Hakone Holdings logo

We operate a website called “Hakone Navi” as a service for those who visit Hakone area.
We installed a Chatbot on the website so that visitors can enjoy sightseeing in Hakone more. For example, we have a system that visitors in Hakone area can retrieve a route from the present place to the destination when they send their present location information.

Weather News

We installed a Chatbot of “real-time weather information from municipalities and citizens.

Weather News logo

People in a local community can acquire useful information of disaster prevention and daily lives such as lightening, heavy snow, intense heat and heavy rain at a point specified by users in order to meet their needs that they want to get more precise information on an hourly or daily basis.
A user can specify the point not only by the name of municipalities but also a famous facility or postal code and every municipality can set the personal database for location search.

Haruyama trading Co., Ltd.

We installed Chatbot which has various contents in “Haruyama job-hunting” LINE.

Haruyama trading Co., Ltd. logo

We provide a service to meet needs of job hunters, such as they want to know which suits they should choose and what kind of manners they should acquire.
We have various contents in the Chatbot such as
• Delivery of useful coupons
• Delivery of tips useful for job hunting
We also propose job-hunting items recommended according to a person in coordination with image recognition and recommend engine. This is a Chatbot to use its human-like interactive UI and support job-hunters to the maximum.

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

You just call a Chatbot on the website, and it shows the closet Lifeval to you.

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. logo

Lifeval is the contact point where you can seek advice about anything from gas, electricity to your residence.
You just ask about a Lifeval to Chatbot, and it shows the closest one from 63 locations nationwide.
You just input any place name (names of prefectures or municipalities) as for how to call to the Chatbot. We designed the service not only by text but also by the carousel system using images and buttons so that a user can easily see the contents on the smart phone or a PC screen.

Sunny Health

We installed Chatbots automatically answering questions about the dieting food “Microdiet” on both the website and LINE.

Sunny Health logo

Many people are interested in dieting food, but have various worries before actually buying some.
Users can casually ask FAQ to the Chatbot 24 hours/365 days to know about dieting food so that those who eliminated worries can make a purchase on the EC site.
We also are aiming at providing a service which is closely connected to a user by recommending a purchasing plan according to a user.

We will provide the best plan according to your service.

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